Security problem in sendmail versions 8.x.x

Benjamin Cline (
Tue, 15 Mar 94 14:35:49 -0500

This showed up in my mailbox last night. Anyone know any details?


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From: Izumi Ohzawa <>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 16:58:06 -0800
Subject: Security problem in sendmail versions 8.x.x
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If you are running sendmail 8.x.x, you should take note of the
following posting, and get version 8.6.7 ASAP.
NeXT's sendmail version 5.67e doesn't have the bug, and is the
version you should be using if you are sticking with NeXT's.

To find what version of sendmail a host is running, do:
"telnet hostname 25", then type 'quit'.

Izumi Ohzawa

>From: eric@CS.Berkeley.EDU (Eric Allman)
>Newsgroups: comp.mail.sendmail,
>Subject: sendmail 8.6.7 released
>Date: 14 Mar 1994 17:52:56 GMT
>Organization: UC Berkeley Mammoth Project
>Message-Id: <2m289o$>
>I regret that someone reported a nasty security problem to me less
>that 24 hours after I released sendmail 8.6.6.  This bug is present
>in all sendmail version 8 versions prior to 8.6.7, as well as in
>many vendor versions.  It does not exist in IDA sendmail.  I urge
>you to upgrade before the cracker scripts start circulating around
>the network.  Sorry for the inconvenience -- I only heard about this
>an hour ago myself.
>Sendmail 8.6.7 is available on FTP.CS.Berkeley.EDU in /ucb/sendmail.

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